APIA is licensed to conduct securities advisory, corporate finance and asset management in Hong Kong by the Securities and Futures Commission. APIA is also an insurance broker licensed by the Insurance Authority.

Corporate Advisory

APG provides a full range of corporate and individual finance and investment banking services, including: financial advisory services, restructuring advice, mergers and acquisitions consultation, direct investments, and other fund raising services for SMEs, mature companies, as well as individuals. For a quick look at the full range of products and services we offer, simply browse through the accompanying web pages for detailed information.

Wealth Management

Personal financial planning made easy. Don’t put off today what could hurt you tomorrow! Wealth management is about gaining control of your financial life, developing strategies to achieve your financial goals, maximizing the return on your capital and assets and minimizing your tax burden. By listening carefully to your individual needs, we create plans and develop solutions with the flexibility to adapt to your circumstances as and when they might change. Our extensive resource of professionals enables us to design and implement comprehensive, personalized wealth management plans entirely in-house, thereby improving confidentiality and reducing inefficiency.


When you have worked hard to achieve something, why take the risk of losing it all due to unforeseen circumstances? Be prepared for the future and the unpredictable. Asia Pacific Group’ Insurance Products are designed to be tailored to your individual portfolio, asset and family needs.

Discover the best way to keep what you’ve earned.

Life Insurance – We will obtain several quotations for your consideration

General Insurance – We can assist you in obtaining all General Insurance, such as Car, House, Domestic Helper, Office, Personal Accident, Medical and Travel Insurances.

Multi-Family Office

The Multi-Family Office offers a business model that is in demand by affluent, accredited and sophisticated clients all over the world.


  • external asset management and investment advice across all asset classes
  • independent and objective investment advice
  • access to alternative, non-public, income-producing investment opportunities
  • offshore accounts and trust services to truly safeguard and protect your wealth

Trusts provide people with a means of protecting their assets and controlling how they are used after they have been given away. Unlike corporate vehicles, the tremendous flexibility of trust instruments make them uniquely useful for estate and succession planning.

Supply Chain

Experienced personel and resources located on the ground in China who can manage manufacturers and suppliers, order monitoring certifications, quality assurance, supplier payments and coordination of delivery to port.

They liaise with our Hong Kong core team to provide experienced and seamless supply chain management. We ensure payments and settlements are handled securely.

Real Estate

A registered Hong Kong Real Estate agency.

Company Formation

Incorporate new companies in Hong Kong, Macau, China and offshore jurisdictions, such as British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Delaware, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Ontario and British Columbia in Canada.

Corporate Administration

A comprehensive business services provider offering efficient one-stop service to our clients. Beyond specific professional services, we provide administrative services to support daily operations of your company including the following:

  • 24 Hours Telephone Answering Services;
  • Virtual Office;
  • Serviced Office;
  • Registration of Domain Name;
  • Visa Application;
  • Trademark Registration.

A registered Hong Kong Employment Agency.


Gain the freedom to live the live you want to live, where you want to live it. Our experienced team will guide you through the steps necessary to take this next step in your life, to take you to where you want to be.

Financial Services

Accurate, efficient and reliable advisory services when you need it. Corporate finance is full of complicated legislation, accounting formalities and other business issues which can make strategic business planning a very confusing process. Asia Pacific Group’s primary business is to assist all levels of companies, from SME’s to large multi-nationals, in facing such issues head on and devising strategic business development plans for long term sustained growth. Our Corporate Financial Services include: Corporate Financial Advisory Services Fund Raising – preparing for and soliciting venture capital Corporate Restructuring Offshore Holding Companies Offshore Bank Accounts – advise on when such accounts would be an appropriate strategic move and assisting in their provision

Accounting Bookkeeping

We commit to delivering high quality accounting services in the following areas:

  • Book-Keeping and maintenance of accounting records (Monthly, quarterly, yearly basis);
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly or annual financial statements;
  • Budget preparation, comparisons and analyses of key components of financial performance